Thought I Was Living In A Safe Neighborhood, Until My Amazon Packages Kept Getting Stolen.

Thankfully, I Found A Surefire Way To Ward Off Pesty Package Pirates!


 always assumed that my neighborhood was off limits to criminal activity.

Mainly because we live in a nice section of town where homes are well-kept and people are gainfully employed. A police car patrolling the area is a rare occurrence indeed.

In fact, anytime there were reports of crime on the evening news … the events tended to take place on the lower east side of town. Easily a 25 minute ride from my location during light traffic hours.

Well, once our lives switched over to the "New Normal", I found out the startling truth about my seemingly charming neighborhood.

It wasn't as safe as I had previously believed. Because once I started to do more shopping on Amazon, a few of my packages ended up missing.

Of course, Amazon made sure that I received another shipment of the items I ordered. But the inconvenience of the situation really had me feeling some type of way. I had to file a police report. Then contact Amazon to have the order shipped again. Not good when you lead a busy lifestyle.

Beyond the inconvenience, I couldn't believe that someone had the audacity to come snooping around my home and take something that was not rightfully theirs. Plus, the concerned look on my beautiful wife's face said more than a thousand words. We felt violated, and I wasn't going to let it happen again without at least making an attempt at catching the thief red-handed.

If someone was planning to make me a victim again, that jackal was going to be in for a big surprise!

At first we thought about getting a big, scary dog. But decided against the idea because we both work in sales jobs that require us to travel extensively. And neither of us kept a concrete schedule.

So, I took to doing some research online and found out placing security cameras around the house are good theft deterrents. My wife also seemed to think it was a great idea.

The next task was to find reliable surveillance equipment, and that required even more research because there was lots of equipment to choose from.

Thankfully, I stumbled across a particular product from a company called Shark Veillance. They have a camera called… 

UltraPro HD 1080

And it had all of the features that I was looking for in surveillance equipment. Here are just a few of the details that caught my eye …

1. Motion Tracking & Phone Alert
. Anytime my wife and I are away from home, we get an alert to our cell phones when the camera detects movement.

2. Real-Time Mobile Phone Monitoring. We don't have to rush home to see who's snooping around. We can access the camera right from our cell phone to see if there's any suspicious activity happening while we're away for the day.

3. HD Night Vision. This camera is high-tech. It's configured with 4 wide-angle infrared lights and 4 bright led lights that enable you to record color video footage during the day or night.

The best part is … the product was reasonably priced. Plus, there were tons of 5-star reviews. Deciding to place an order for multiple cameras was a complete no brainer!

I also found that they were reasonably easy to install once they arrived. We've had surveillance for 2 months now.

And guess what …

We've made plenty of Amazon orders during that time and not one of our packages has come up missing.

I guess we have Shark Veillance to thank! 

If you've been adjusting to the "New Normal" like we have by doing more of your shopping online, do yourself a favor …

Get UltraPro HD 1080 cameras for your home as soon as possible.

Research shows that 44% of people experience package theft at home and the number is expected to rise due to an increase in online shopping.

That's nearly half of all homes! So, don't assume that your neighborhood is safe ... because it isn't.

While I can't give you an exact cost because the number of cameras needed at each home is different, I can tell you this …

You can't put a price on a good peace-of-mind. 


Our editors recently contacted the manufacturer of UltraPro HD 1080. And Shark Veillance said that Bundled Equipment Discounts Are Currently Available!

You can place an order to get surveillance for your home by clicking the link below. 

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