Pro2 HD 1080p Wireless Security Camera

Cut The Cord With Sharkveillance 

Wireless Pro2!

The SHARKVEILLANCE WIRELESS PRO2 is one of the best security cameras available on the market at this point. It’s easy to use, highly innovative, and will provide you with top-quality surveillance and monitoring across the surroundings of your house or office space.  

 With this product, you enjoy the top-notch security and surveillance features that you need to provide effective security to your property.


Top key features

  •  Real-time push notifications  

The SHARKVEILLANCE WIRELESS PRO2 comes with a nifty feature that allow you to get notified whenever unknown motion is detected.

The system works quite effectively, as the cameras pick up footage of the person at your door and immediately alerts you that you’ve got a visitor. For those days when you have a pizza coming and you might not be close to the door to hear the delivery guy, this feature will come in very handy.

  • Wire Free Design

The SHARKVEILLANCE  WIRELESS PRO2 comes unlike what you’ve seen with other security cameras. Here, you have a wireless product that you can place just about anywhere. There’s no need for you to look out for wires or sockets before you can place the security camera.

  • Long Lasting Battery

The battery on the SHARKVEILLANCE  WIRELESS PRO2 lasts for as long as 6 months before you will need to get it charged.

  • Constant HD quality video

The SHARKVEILLANCE  WIRELESS PRO2 provides full 2MP HD quality with 1920 x 1080 resolution at all times. Whether you’re viewing the footage during the day or at night, rest assured that the video quality you will get will be crisp and clear.

Real Time Notification Alerts Sent Directly To Your Phone Or Email


Two-Way Audio And Siren Alert


Truly Wireless 6 Month Battery Life


Reliable Day & Night View With IP66 Housing To Withstand Most Harsh Weather Conditions

What's inside the Box?

1x Sharkveillance Pro2

1x Screw Pack

1x User Manual

1x Screwdriver 


 ✈ Estimated delivery time *Due to COVID-19* 14-20 days